Radical Idea for Today’s Church

This week we ask you to consider a rather radical idea for today’s church —that
God seeks to include us in what God is doing in the world! It’s not just that
God is involved in our lives, or that God sometimes steps in to bring
salvation to the universe. Rather, God actively recruits ordinary human
beings like you and me to participate in the creative, saving work of Christ.
What makes this even more astounding is that God allows us to choose
whether we will accept the invitation or not.

You have heard the story of Jonah all your Christian life. After hearing
God’s call and running away, Jonah was finally convinced by God that he
should obey and preach to the people of Nineveh. On hearing his
message, the people repented, and the judgement God had planned for
them was averted. Or perhaps you heard the story of the fishermen that
Jesus called to be his disciples. Notice how Jesus used what they were
already good at—fishing—in his call to them. They didn’t have to become
something other than what they were. They only needed to use their gifts
and talents for God’s work, and not just their own gain.

There are two challenges in these accounts. The first is to recognize that God
has a job for every one of us. God doesn’t just want to save us. God wants
to use us as God’s instruments to bring wholeness and peace, grace and
justice, into the world! The second challenge is that, as we respond to
God’s call, we will need to learn to align our priorities with God’s—to use
our gifts and abilities for God’s purposes, not our own. But, if we accept the
call, and align our priorities with God’s, we discover a life that is full,
meaningful, liberating, and adventurous. Are you ready to be part of this
amazing journey? See you each morning early.

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3 thoughts on “Radical Idea for Today’s Church

  1. Inspiring post. One of the reasons I started making prayer boards and sharing them with others. Praying for more than personal needs but for others through out the world. For ministries, organizations and people I might never meet but who need the provisions and protections of God, and having others pray in agreement. Praying bigger, and praying for God’s will to be done not only in my life but through out the world. God bless and prosper you as you continue in your good works.


  2. This is filled wth so much faith. We often fail to realise that we are instruments of his divine calling and venture into the shadows. The more we make conscious efforts to know him more, the better.


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