The Secret of Great Service

It can be a great temptation to think that we cannot effectively serve God
because we are not like others. Clergy may, at times, wonder if they could
serve better out in the “marketplace” like the congregants, while the
congregants may be wishing that they could serve God with the singlemindedness of the clergy. Sometimes, this sense of inadequacy may even
become an excuse for not serving at all.

When we begin to recognize God’s call on our lives, it is natural to wonder
whether we should change who we are and what we do for God’s sake. But
today’s passage from the first letter to the Corinthians makes it clear that
this is not necessary. Some may be called to some new season in their lives,
but this doesn’t apply to everyone. It is more common for God to ask us to
perform our ministry where we are and as we are. Even Jesus’ disciples did
not stop being fishermen. They just used their fishing skill differently!

One of the best ways to remember that we don’t need to make huge
changes in order to serve God is to take note of the gifts and opportunities
that God has given us right where we are. The practice of thanksgiving is a
good way to do this. Try to make thanksgiving a constant part of every facet
of your day today.

Thank you, God that you call me to serve you as I am and where I am.

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