Married to Our Own Ideas and Ways

As much as it can be tempting to think we need to change to serve God—
as we explored yesterday—it can also be tempting to insist that others
change to serve God the way we think they should. But, when we do this,
when we make our agendas more important than God’s surprising
creativity, we often miss the new things that God is doing among us.
This was the challenge of the religious leaders who persecuted the disciples
in the growing church in Acts. God had done a new and surprising thing in
Christ, but they couldn’t see it because they were married to their own ideas
and ways. But, one wise leader, Gamaliel, was more open than the others,
and recognized that God could well be at work where they didn’t expect it.
And so, he advised caution and faith, reminding his companions that if
God were not working in the church it would die out, but if the church
survived, they would have to acknowledge that they were fighting against

We miss God when we get too caught up in our own perspectives. To avoid
this, we need to fill our lives with God’s perspective, and I can think of no
better way to do this than to practice praise. Why not make praise a theme
for today?

I praise you, O God, for your surprising and mysterious work in my life and
in my world.

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