Even the Stars

The Psalmist has good reason to celebrate. Everywhere the songwriter looks
there is evidence of God’s grace and restoration at work. God’s people,
who had been conquered and exiled, were now being restored and
returning to their homeland. But it is clear that God isn’t only concerned for
the needs of the community. God’s care extends to individuals as well—the
broken-hearted and humble. Further, God’s grace is even touching
creation. Stars and animals are also the beneficiaries of God’s care. With
all of this evidence of God’s compassion and love, how could God’s
people do anything but give thanks?

It’s easy to forget, especially in the tough times, that God does not forget us
or stop caring for us. Sometimes we may begin to wonder whether God has
time for us, with all the suffering in the world. But today’s reading assures
us that God is perfectly capable of caring for the entire planet, while still
staying present and available for the least significant individual. We do well
to remember this and learn to trust it.

There is no better way to keep ourselves mindful of God’s love and
compassion than to take stock of the ways we have been touched and
blessed by God and to give thanks for all the grace we receive. Try to find
as many opportunities as you can to give thanks today.

O God, I remember and give thanks for all the blessings I have received.

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