What Needs Repaired

Two things stand out in this early church account of conflict. The first is
that there were disputes among friends in the New Testament Church even
as there are among us today. It seems strange to think of Paul and
Barnabas – these two great followers of Jesus—having such a strong
disagreement that they can no longer travel together. But, in spite of this,
we know from Paul’s letters, that they resolved things later. When he was in
jail, Paul asked for Mark to be sent to him saying he would be helpful in
Paul’s ministry.

The cause of the dispute was that Barnabas wanted Mark to be included in
their planned trip, but Paul refused because Mark had failed them in the
past. Barnabas, it seems, found forgiveness easier than Paul, and was
committed to restoring and supporting the young Mark. No wonder the
apostles had nicknamed him Barnabas—’son of encouragement’!
Perhaps you have a relationship that has broken down because of some
dispute. Could it be time to forgive and restore? Or perhaps God is calling
you to be a support to someone who has failed or been rejected and needs
an encourager?

Today’s practice is to be a ‘repairer’ using the acts of repentance and
forgiveness to reconcile with those with whom your relationships have
broken down, and to support and heal those who are struggling after some
failure or rejection. Try to allow God’s healing presence to be felt through
you today.

Make me a channel of your healing, forgiving peace, O God.

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