Different Crisis Agendas

In storm-battered Texas, pro-life organizations are struggling to meet the needs of their clients. At the other end of the spectrum, donations are being solicited so babies can be aborted.

The winter storm has ravaged a large slice of the country, but the damage has been more serious perhaps in Texas where there have been major power outages for lengthy periods, days in fact; and frozen and/or burst water pipes. But as Pamela Whitehead of Loveline, a project of Pro-Love Ministries, tells One News Now, a published article is using the disaster to raise funds.

“The beginning of the article tells us how we can help folks get housing and supplies – and then it goes down to [a section on] health. And in that section … they give the option to donate for women to have abortions,” she explains. “So, you’ve got several organizations that are taking money now to prey on these women who are in crisis.”

Another article, posted at Vogue.com, includes the following under the heading “Fund Texas Choice”:

“Due to inclement weather, many Texans in need of reproductive care are being forced to reschedule appointments and make new travel arrangements; you can help support that process by donating to Fund Texas Choice, a nonprofit that pays for Texans’ travel to abortion clinics.”

That nonprofit says it exists to offset the costs that women encounter by having to travel to an abortion clinic and abide by the state’s mandatory 24-hour waiting period.

Meanwhile, Whitehead says her organization has been responding to the actual needs of their pregnant clients. She cites some examples:

“[In one family’s case,] the power went out and the pipes froze; and now the pipes are busting and so everything in their apartment is lost,” she shares. “There’s one client who had a fire in her rental home and they have to move and have lost everything and she’s got six children.”

So, while abortion groups have been hustling money, the pro-life group’s staff – most of whom themselves have had power outages, freezing temperatures, and/or bursting pipes – are responding to the needs of pregnant women who decided to carry their babies full-term.

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