The Flag in Your Church This Sunday

Here’s what Christians from 11 different countries have to say about their national flag in the church.

Egypt: Sameh Maurice, senior pastor, Kasr El Dobara Evangelical Church in Cairo
Yes, I agree with displaying the flag of my country in the church. The flag of my country only and not other countries, as it is a spiritual and not a political orientation.

The purpose of raising the flag is to keep my heart united with my people in prayer for the salvation of their souls. It’s to remember that I must stand in the gap for my people, that they may know the Lord and see the light of the gospel, and to tell my country and my people how much I love them and pray for them.

Jordan: Hani Nuqul, pastor, Evangelical Free Church in Jabal Al Hussein, Amman
I strongly believe that each church building should post the flag on the building and in the sanctuary. As an elder and pastor, we made this decision a few years ago to do so in order to show our loyalty as citizens to the country of Jordan. We believe that by doing so, we are a good example and testimony to others and also following the teachings of the Bible.

As the Evangelical Free Church council, we have taken the decision to put the Jordanian flag in all local churches that belong to the council along with the church logo and flag.

Indonesia: Wahyu Pramudya, pastor, Indonesia Christian Church Ngagel in Surabaya
In Indonesia, we usually display our national flag in the sanctuary every August, which is the month when we celebrate our Independence Day (August 17). We proudly display the flag, as a strong symbol of our nationality, on the altar. We even decorate the church with red and white decorations and hold a special service on August 17 or on the closest Sunday.

When we display the flag in our church, it is not to express idolatry. We want to honor our national identity. It reminds us of our responsibilities as Christian citizens. It’s also a sign of gratitude for living in Indonesia.

Nigeria: Janet Onaolapo, general overseer, Abundant Life Gospel Church in Lagos
A flag is a symbol of a country and flying it indicates the importance of the country. So I fly the Nigerian flag in the church to present the country perpetually before the Lord for his divine visitation and to also indicate that we love Nigeria dearly. We pray for her every Sunday service.

I also fly the American flag in the church sanctuary because I really love America. The presence of this flag in the church is therefore to present her before God. Moreover, my daughter and husband live in America. Praying for America is also praying for them. I also fly the flags of all the countries I have visited to minister the Word, which includes America.

Philippines: Herman Dionson, national youth director, Assemblies of God
In many churches in the Philippines, you would not see the Philippine flag on stage or on any part of the building.

Although, interestingly, instead of the Philippine flag or even the Christian flag, you would often see churches with the flag of Israel proudly displayed. This is embedded in the theology of Israel as a chosen people. I believe for a proper Christian identification to the country, the Philippine flag can be a powerful symbol for us Christians to identify that we are Christ’s ambassadors to this broken nation.

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