Are We Really Safe?

Even if we concede that this world is filled with dangers, we like to think of our faith as our safe place. Here we are protected from dangers. Are we really safe?

We all need to learn that faith can be dangerous for the real danger in faith is using the scriptures for our advantage. When we bend what God says for our purposes and opinions, we invite the very wrath of God Himself upon ourselves.

Jesus put it right when he said do not fear what can kill your body in this life, fear Him who can kill your body and soul.

Theories like Critical Race Theory literally say we have to burn everything down and rebuild our society from scratch. They are dangerous but so are those who rituals and traditions that take precedence over following the person of Christ.

What made Jesus dangerous was it he challenged both those who held such worldviews and those who held such religious dogma.

Jesus scared people. Think about it, people like to have a safe faith. They like to be told that everything is taken care of, and all the decisions have been made. But let me ask you, when was the last time your faith was safe.

The path of discipleship can be dangerous, and it is never straight. Lasting change in anyone’s life seldom comes as a straight line.

We look at critical race theory and we think it dangerous, as well we should. Anything is dangerous that wants to change everything absolutely. That’s why Jesus was so dangerous.

Jesus didn’t want to change just the temple, or the way people did things in Jerusalem. He didn’t want people to change just a few habits. Jesus wanted them to change everything: mind, heart, and soul.

Jesus didn’t want to just make a difference in the world, he wanted to make a different world. And that is dangerous.

You live in a dangerous world. If you don’t think so, just try to change it and then tell them your doing it for Jesus.

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