Jesus Had No Patience

You are acceptable to this world as a Christian as long as you do not want to change their ideas, their opinions, their ways and most of all, them. The world hates us because they say we want everyone to be like us and they are right.

We don’t just coexist in this world even though we are accepting of others. You can talk of religion, and they will tolerate you but talk about Jesus and you will be cast aside. Jesus is a dangerous person in your life. He will separate you from some people and he will make you unacceptable to others.

Try walking onto a college campus today, or into a governmental building, or even a classroom today with a Bible in your hand or His name emblazoned on your clothing. And if you really want to bother people, tell them you love Jesus.

Jesus upset the apple cart. Jesus invited people to imagine a world where people would return love for hate, forgiveness for betrayal, compassion for rejection, passion for indifference, and embrace or neglect.

Jesus exemplified what he expressed, to the point of putting his life not just on the line but on a cross.

The danger of this global world is that it drains away the blood of life and reduces the world to political correctness.

Jesus had the bad habit of shoving a mirror in your face so that you could actually see yourself and how beautiful God was and how much better you could be. Jesus had the dangerous habit of seeing good in other people. When was the last time you did that.

We make the mistake of thinking that Jesus is a nice guy. Indeed, God is loving and merciful and true but not necessarily nice. Our holy God is dangerous because he is the God of truth. And Jesus had that annoying habit of bringing that truth up and taking truth seriously.

Jesus was rejected by the intellectuals and the theologians of his day because he thought so little of their intellectual pursuits or their theological theories.

Jesus, by contrast, had a mind and the spirit that watched what God was doing so that he could find ways to help humans join what God was doing.  

You can be in danger because you know too little come but you can also be in danger because you know too much.

Jesus was most dangerous because he taught a faith, not a religion.

But remember this most about Jesus, he was and is dangerous to anyone and anything that comes between us and His Father, even our religion.

Jesus had no patience for a temple that did not teach the truth and for churches that are more country clubs for their members then they are hospitals for the dying sinner.

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3 thoughts on “Jesus Had No Patience

  1. The irony here is that this post popped up a little bit before my eldest child informed me that she’s bisexual and dating a woman. When I made clear that I stand with God on this matter, she cursed me, told me that love is love, and cursed me some more. It brought the Beatitudes to mind, and I find comfort in that. She’s 22 years old, and free to choose her path. All I can do now is pray for her.


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