A Labor of Love

It takes faith to follow Jesus, especially when we recognize God’s
call to justice in an unjust world. It can be tempting to believe that
faith is a guarantee of health, wealth and happiness. Up to verse 34,
Hebrews 11 seems to be saying that such a view of faith is correct.
But, then from verse 35 we read of how some of God’s servants
were tortured, imprisoned, mocked, persecuted, falsely accused
and even killed – by faith! The power of faith here was not in
keeping God’s people from harm. It was in giving them the courage
to risk harm for the sake of justice and love.

The writer then turns, in Chapter 12, to his readers. All of these
faithful servants of God are now witnesses to our lives – the “Church
Triumphant” as theologians call them. They cheer us on and pray for
us as we continue the race of faith. In response, we are called to
stay faithful, to release what could trip us up, and to keep our eyes
firmly fixed on Jesus. It is his death and resurrection that strengthens
us to face suffering for the sake of our faith, and to believe that our
lives can make a contribution, however small, to building a world of
God’s justice.

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