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You will be seeing some new posts added to our curated format. These posts are a new endeavor to address a growing problem for the believer of today. While the majority still believe in the hand of a Creator, there is a rapid change occurring in their worship patterns.

Upwards to 30% of those who used to attend church services have joined the ranks of the dechurched (those who do not utilize congregational worship in a building). That change is accounting for the freefall (less than 14%) in attendance of the last two generations. Simply put, if their folks never took them to church, they have little concept for that experience.

They are still believers and still need to be equipped in the Word and Way of Christ. So we are experimenting with a texting format that allows them to follow Christ in the pattern of the early church.

You will see these posts amid our regular posts, so those participating in this pilot program can have access to our curated articles. Feel free to follow along and add your comments on how we can refine the process.

Thank you for your patience and your prayers.


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