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Psalm 103:2-3 Bless the Lord, my soul; do not forget all the gifts of God, Who pardons all your sins,(and) heals all your ills.

God’s compassion is abundant. There are times in life when we feel so unlovable, so unforgiveable that we want to hide. We may think that if we just ignore what is going on in our lives, ignore what needs healing and forgiveness it will just go away. Thankfully, God does not act that way. Rather, God waits patiently to receive us and to forgive us again and again. Therefore, our souls sing out, “Bless the Lord, my soul.”

When did my heart last sing God’s praise?

Generous, merciful, and healing Father, you bless my life in so many ways. Stir up in me a grateful heart that gladly gives you praise.

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