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Psalm 23:1 The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

This well-known psalm reminds us that we lack nothing. We have plenty, even when we fear that we’re deprived. We have enough time, enough patience, enough stamina, enough love, and enough graces because God is our leader and protector. Even when we fear we will run out, we have access to all that we need.

Abundance is part of being Christian. That’s what makes it easier to give away our time, treasure, and talents. We have faith that the Shepherd will take care of every need; even if we get lost, the Shepherd will come looking for us and restore us. We lack nothing that is necessary to living a full life.

What wants do I currently have that I could replace with prayers of gratitude instead?

God, help me to offer you prayers of gratitude for the beautiful life you have gifted me instead of consuming our conversations with prayers of want.

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