Your Spiritual Discipline for Monday the 13th

In the world in which most of us live, Christianity has become part of the establishment. It’s easy for faith to become a way to success, power and wealth. It’s easy to create closed communities in which we praise God with our lips but live according to the values of the world around us. But Christmas calls us to a different way of living – a life “outside the city”.

The life of God’s Kingdom is the life of loving the unlovable (even “enemies”), of serving the least, and of giving up our lives for the sake of others. It may not sound like Good News, but as millions of Christ-followers have found, this life “outside” is the way to abundant life.

Spiritual Discipline

Acts of service have always been central to Christian faith. Even in our worship gatherings we serve one another by serving tea, creating beautiful works of art or flower arrangements, welcoming one another,
playing instruments, or washing up. We do these things in order to learn to live as loving servants every day. Who can you serve in Christ’s name today?

 Lead me “outside the city”, Jesus, and teach me to serve as you have served me

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  1. This is a much needed reminder of what our purpose is here on earth. Walk like Christ, Speak like Christ, see like Christ, REspond like Christ, BE CHRIST TO ALL WE MEET.


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