Your Spiritual Discipline for Tuesday the 14th

After Paul presented his argument that Jesus is the Messiah to the Jewish leaders of Rome, he notes how some believe him, but others don’t. Then he confronts them with words from the prophets –
words that Jesus himself had used – that speak of the hardness of the hearts of God’s people. Then, Paul proclaims that God’s salvation has been offered to Gentiles as well as to the Jews.

Christmas seeks to confront us in the same way. It challenges the hard places in our hearts and calls us to welcome those we would prefer to exclude. The question is whether we are willing to hear the
message and be changed.

Spiritual Discipline

Like Easter, Christmas is a time of self-examination and repentance. The work of this season is to allow God’s Spirit to reveal the hard places in our hearts – the anger, resentment, greed, exclusivity, apathy and legalism – and to turn away from these destructive ways to the grace and love of Christ. To do this work, we will need to practice confession regularly.

Search me, O God, and soften my heart that I may be a witness to your grace and salvation.

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