At Day’s End

Before you begin your time of prayer, pause for a few moments to quiet yourself. Take several deep breaths and call to mind that you are in the loving presence of God, who is with you as you continue this journey of faith.

Matthew 18:14 It is not the will of your heavenly Father that one of these little ones be lost.

People feel adrift in many ways, such as discouragement over a dead-end job, a broken relationship, or pending holidays that, this year, will be celebrated for the first time without a certain loved one. It’s not God’s desire that people feel lost. The mortal enemy of humanity, however, loves to see people sapped and sad. Each person is one of God’s little ones, even when we think we’re running everything. It doesn’t take much to reach out to another human being who is feeling down. It can help lift one’s own doldrums by focusing on someone else. Let God move you to help another person; in so doing, you help yourself.

Who do I know right now that may be feeling sad, lost, or alone? What can I do to help them understand that I am there for them?

God, allow me to empathize with those who need empathy, comfort those who need comfort, and help others who feel you cannot be found find you. Give me the courage to reach out to those who need you.

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