Your Spiritual Discipline for Wednesday the 15th

The beauty of the new world that the prophet Isaiah describes comes into being through peace, proclamation (the breath of his mouth), and justice. And it includes all of creation, not just human beings. Once again, the ultimate purpose of God’s salvation is revealed – to make the entire universe whole and one in Christ.

The Christmas season is as much about preparing our hearts to bring about this new world as it is about
preparing for the person of Jesus. Jesus inaugurates this new world, but we are to live it out and spread its influence through the world. This is also what John was speaking about as he challenged the people on the banks of the Jordan.
Spiritual Discipline

Living as people of God’s justice begins in our hearts. When we have confronted the injustice within our own hearts – the favoritism, elitism, judgementalism, materialism and consumerism that lead to destructive behavior – then we can live in ways that increase justice and peace in our homes, communities and countries. One of the best ways to do this heart work is to pray for, and imagine, a world of justice and peace. Fill today with this kind of prayer.

For your Kingdom of peace and justice to fill my heart and the world I pray, O God

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