Your Spiritual Discipline for Thursday 16th

The New Testament essentially presents Jesus as the fulfillment of prophecy. When Jesus speaks about a new commandment (John 13:34), and when he and Paul speak about the new covenant in his blood (Luke 20:22; 1 Corinthians 11:25) they both have these words of Jeremiah in mind.

This Sunday – the last before the Christmas celebration – is all about this new covenant, and the one who is born into the world to bring it into being. The incarnation is not just about God becoming flesh.
It’s about the entire world becoming an incarnation – a dwelling for God, a body for the divine presence, a place in which God’s grace and glory fill every corner. This is our hope, and it is the longing of God’s

Spiritual Discipline

When we face the suffering and evil in our world, it is easy to lose hope in God’s dream. But, when we remember that even in suffering God is at work, and God’s plan of salvation cannot be stopped, we can begin to recognize, and cooperate with, the Kingdom of God among us. One helpful practice that opens our eyes to God’s restoring work is praise. In every situation today, good or bad, offer praise for God’s dream of healing and peace.

For your new covenant of love and peace I praise you, O God.

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