They Bribed the Guards

In His Steps

Matthew 28:11-15

As the women were on the way into the city, some of the Temple police who had been guarding the tomb went to the chief priests and told them what had happened. A meeting of all the Jewish leaders was called, and it was decided to bribe the police to say they had all been asleep when Jesus’ disciples came during the night and stole his body.

“If the governor hears about it,” the Council promised, “we’ll stand up for you and everything will be all right.”

So the police accepted the bribe and said what they were told to. Their story spread widely among the Jews and is still believed by them to this very day.

The problem with the Council’s story that the disciples stole the body is that these same disciples later suffered greatly; some were even martyred for their faith in the risen Christ. If they knew that they had stolen a dead body in order to keep up a hoax, it is highly doubtful that they would willingly die for that hoax.

Amazing News

Jesus’ resurrection was already causing a great stir in Jerusalem. A group of women was moving quickly through the streets, looking for the disciples to tell them the amazing news that Jesus was alive. At the same time, a group of religious leaders was plotting how to cover up the Resurrection. Today there is still a great stir over the Resurrection, and there are still only two choices—to believe that Jesus rose from the dead, or to be closed to the truth—denying it, ignoring it, or trying to explain it away. Which choice have you made?

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