Your Spiritual Discipline

The Walls Come Tumbling Down

 In Christ all people – Jew and Gentile – have been united with God and with one another. The walls that separate us have been broken down, and we are all members of God’s family. That’s why the song of the angels in the Christmas story is “joy to the world” – not just joy to some of the world. But the truth that we have been drawn into a new, inclusive, Christ-centered community needs to take hold of our hearts. It is not enough for us to go through physical motions of worship.

We need a change deep within us that leads us to live with same welcoming, humble grace that Jesus demonstrated from the moment of his birth until his ascension.

Who needs you to welcome and include them today?

Your Spiritual Discipline

At Christmas we are invited to receive Christ again – into our hearts, our lives, and our world. But, as Jesus so often taught, it is when we receive others in the name of Jesus that we receive Jesus himself.

Today, work to be welcoming and accepting of everyone you meet, no matter who they are or what they may believe.


As I welcome you, Jesus, so I welcome others in your name.

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