Your Spiritual Discipline

 Don’t Get Too Caught Up

The first people to be aware of God’s activity are shepherds – considered unclean and forbidden to testify in a court of law. Yet, it is to these outcasts that God’s messengers come in glory and proclaim God’s saving act. The words they use are also significant. Where the Romans used force of arms to create their Pax Romana (Roman Peace), the angels declare that God is bringing peace on earth. Where Caesar had been called a Savior, now the angels call this baby Savior, Lord and Messiah. Unknown to the powerful emperor, a new world order was being established right under his nose!

In a world where “might is right”, where “bigger is better”, and where it’s “survival of the fittest”, we can often miss the quiet, subversive work of God’s Reign. The Scriptures show, again and again, how God works in hidden places with marginalized people, to bring about God’s salvation. This Christmas, let’s not despise the small people, the small actions, the small places in our lives. Let’s open our hearts and minds to the Kingdom of God that is often revealed in these hidden places and people. And let’s celebrate the Reign of God that is so radically different from human system of wealth, power and status.

Your Spiritual Discipline

With all the messages we hear and see every day, telling us that we must be more important and have more stuff, it’s easy to miss the hidden work of God’s Reign in our lives. If this has happened to you, take time today to confess it, and then ask God to change your heart so that you can embrace the small, but significant, activity of God.


When I get caught up in the pride and striving of the world, O God, forgive me, and call me back to your gentle Reign.

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