Spiritual Discipline

When we make the mistake of overemphasizing Jesus’ divinity, we run the risk of believing that he wasn’t really human – at least not like us. But, if Jesus wasn’t human, then nothing of his life has any real value for us. For our humanity to be transformed through Christ’s teaching, life and death, Jesus must have been fully and completely human – just as we are. And that means that in Jesus we see what human beings can become, if we will only embrace the way of love as he did.

How can you allow Jesus to teach you how to be human today?


The model that Jesus offers us here is invaluable. Although he had come to fulfill the law, to challenge women and men to become all that God had created them to be, Jesus did not begin by preaching. He started with listening and asking questions. This is always the way to growth and insight. Today, make listening and asking questions – of the Bible and of other people – a focus of your day.

What do you require of me today, O God?

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