Spiritual Discipline for December 28

In John’s Revelation, a new heaven and earth are seen, and God’s dwelling is seen to descend to the earth. This is a picture of heaven and earth finally becoming truly and visibly one. In this new unified reality God’s presence is always known and recognized,
suffering is always healed, and all things are constantly made new. It’s a vision of love, connection, peace, and justice. Whenever we think about the coming of Jesus into our world, we need to remember this vision from Revelation because this is what Jesus came to accomplish.

But it is not just the work of Jesus to bring this vision into being. Jesus calls us to participate in creating this new, unified universe. Whenever we practice awareness of God’s presence, we are participating in this vision. Whenever we help to heal another
person’s suffering, we are participating in this vision. Whenever we help to renew something that has become broken or tired or lifeless, we are participating in this vision. What can you do to help bring this new world into being today?

The simplest acts of service contribute to the healing of our world. A compassionate smile offered to someone who is struggling, a word of welcome to a stranger, an act of kindness for someone who does not deserve it – these make a huge difference in the world. When we make service like this a discipline, we become part of God’s
healing work in the world. Try it today.

Show me, O God, what small acts of service I can perform to help heal my world.

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