Your Spiritual Discipline for December 30

When the Israelites were faithful and followed God’s wisdom, they had prospered. But, when they had allowed idolatry, injustice, and foolishness to shape their lives, they
had experienced destruction. So, the writer of Chronicles took his readers back to the time of Israel’s greatest glory – the time of David and the early part of Solomon’s reign.

We read of Solomon’s request for wisdom, which so pleased God that he received not just the wisdom he asked for, but wealth, power, and prestige as well. However, as Solomon’s story unfolded, his wisdom seemed to run out. He allowed himself to be led into idolatry by his many wives, and he shifted from his initial concern that he govern his people well to a self-centered, self-aggrandizing pride. This is in stark contrast to Jesus, who, in bringing God’s Kingdom into the world, chose humility, self-giving, and faithfulness to God from his birth all the way through to his death and resurrection.

The way we begin does not predict the way we will end, unless we work consistently to stay true to God’s purposes and priorities.

A commitment to Christ, and to the way of Jesus, is not a once-off decision. It needs to be a moment-by-moment experience, in which we choose, in every situation and interaction, to embrace the wisdom, grace, love, and justice of God. Today, in whatever
circumstances you may find yourself, try to be mindful of choosing the Jesus way in every moment.

I ask for your wisdom, O God, and for the faithfulness to choose your wise ways in every moment of my life.

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