Your Spiritual Practice for January 2

Before you begin your time alone with God, pause for a few moments to set aside all distractions. Take three slow, deep breaths. Remember that you are in the loving presence of God.

Luke 1:38 “May it be done to me according to your word.”

People are often reluctant to deny others. We want to say yes to the requests of others because if we don’t, they may not like us. We fear that others may think we are not the good people or the good Christians that we are supposed to be. Perhaps we want to control the outcome when we say yes. But consider this-Mary’s yes to God was one of complete surrender. There is no hint of wanting or expecting control. It is that yes that God wants from us. It is that yes which we should strive for in our relationship with God.

Mary uttered the perfect yes to you, Father. Intercede for me , that I might stand and say a whole and real yes. Amen.

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