Your Spiritual Discipline

When we remember that God is at work in our world, and in our lives, to bring about this great, life-giving plan, it puts our struggles in perspective. It also gives us a tremendous sense of security and acceptance. We have no reason to doubt that God’s love is infinite, or that we are welcomed into God’s family. Our place in His heart has been assured since eternity past, and it is assured into eternity future! This is a great reason to celebrate.

How can you stay mindful of God’s life and love today, and live with an attitude of celebration?

The Scriptures constantly call God’s people to be mindful and to take note of God’s presence and work. This awareness does not come naturally. It takes work, particularly the work of developing our spiritual sensitivity through the practice of stillness and meditation. Today, make some time to be still and reflect on the love and grace of God as they are described in today’s reading.

I celebrate you, O God, and wonder at your amazing grace and love.

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