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The miracle of turning water to wine is well known. It has probably been preached and written about from every possible perspective. But it remains a significant moment in the ministry of Jesus, and an important window into understanding the character and mission of God.

Throughout the Scriptures God’s relationship with God’s people is described as a marriage relationship. This reveals that God seeks an intimate connection with us in which we can love and be loved, know and be known. Such intimacy not only provides us with meaning and security, but it also changes us.

Intimacy always calls out our most compassionate, most generous, and most sacrificial selves. As Jesus used his ability to celebrate the love between the couple in Cana, he proclaimed that such love is at the heart of God’s desire for all human beings. God seeks to draw us all into deeply connected relationships of love with God, with one another, and with ourselves.

For us to cooperate with this dream of God, we need only open ourselves to love and celebrate love, as Jesus did, wherever and whenever we encounter it.

One of the greatest obstacles to love is fear. When we allow ourselves to be controlled by fear, we become self-protective and suspicious. But, if we are willing to risk being open and welcoming to others, we discover that love can set us free. Today, avoid any temptation to use blame or stereotyping to keep others at bay, and choose to welcome others into your heart.

As you have loved and welcomed me, O God, so I choose today to love and welcome others.

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