Your Prayer Discipline

Prepare yourself for this time with God by letting go of any distractions. Take several slow, deep breaths and remember that you are in the loving presence of God.

Galatians 3:5-7 Does, then, the one who supplies the Spirit to you and works mighty deeds among you do so from works of the law or from faith in what you have heard? Thus Abraham “believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.”Realize then that it is those who have faith who are children of Abraham.

Simply following religious laws does not bring a person into relationship with God. It is faith in Christ and a belief that he is present in our lives that leads us to relationship with God. Abraham had faith in God, and this faith gave him righteousness. All believers are blessed. And to all who receive the gospel of Jesus Christ in faith, the Spirit of God is given.

(Speak to God the Father, using this prayer or one of your own.)

Father of all, teach me to appreciate my gift of faith. Help me to understand the value of that gift so that it may guide all my decisions.

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