Where We See Holes We Have Dug, God Sees Foundations He Is Making

Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy.

Up in British Columbia, I like to dig holes in the ground for different projects. There are excavators and tractors and drilling rigs, and I like to put them all to good use. It’s a paradise for a guy who likes to make things happen. I built a chapel and a barn, and we blazed some new trails to the mountaintops. We built a bridge to cross a ravine I couldn’t quite jump.

More than anything, though, I enjoy the surprised look on Sweet Maria’s face when she finds out what I’ve been up to with all the diggers, tractors, and dynamite. For my latest project, I got a little wild with the dynamite, blew a big hole in the ground, and filled it with water. Once the new lake was done, I took Maria to have a look. I wanted to give her the naming rights. When we were getting close, I asked her, “So, what are we going to name the lake I’m taking you to?” She answered, “What lake?!” Now we have a lake named What Lake. That’ll be fun to explain to the grandkids.

God does that with all the holes we make in our lives. We think we’ve blown it again, but He points to them and says, “This’ll make a great spot to pour out My love.” Sometimes He makes lakes for us to dive in and other times He makes foundations for building our character on. No matter what, God finds us in the holes we’ve dug for ourselves. Where we see our failures, God sees foundations He’s making.

What hole do you have in your life that God can use to build deeper character in you?

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