Praying for Persistence

Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary. Galatians 6:9


God, I’m glad You never lost heart when You created the earth and the universe and all they contain. I’m glad You never lost heart as Christ hung on the cross to save humanity from our sinfulness and the eternal damnation that comes with it. You have always been persistent about what You set out to do, and I praise You for Your ability to embody this kingdom value.

I honor You for Your persistence. I worship You for Your reliability. I lift Your name in praise as I consider the works of   Your hands and Your presence in keeping it all together. Great is Your name and worthy of all praise.


Father, forgive me for being fickle rather than faithful when it comes to persistence in my kingdom walk as a follower and disciple of Jesus Christ. Show me what I need to do in order to serve You more faithfully and persistently with my life. I want to honor You, but I confess I sometimes make decisions that reflect a lack of reliable faithfulness to You.

Forgive me for falling back when times get tough. Forgive me for when I give up. Sometimes I’ve given up even when a situation started to slowly improve, simply because I lost interest. Help me remain steadfast and immovable so I don’t miss out on opportunities to serve You and help others as I should.


God, thank You for reminding me of the need for me to be persistent in my walk of faith. To live as a kingdom hero, I need to model what it means to be committed to You and Your Word. I can’t go back and forth in my thinking, swayed by popular opinion and giving in to my own flesh and desires. I need to honor You with what I do and say, so I thank You for Your Word revealing to me how to do that.

Help me push through to the finish line in all that I do for Your kingdom. Help me not to lose interest, giving me the persistence in my spirit I need to bring You glory. Thank You for empowering me to live my life as a kingdom hero who persistently pursues advancing Your kingdom agenda and expressing kingdom values on earth.


Lord, help me learn from my inaction and mistakes. Help me discover how persistence in the Christian faith is crucial to living as a kingdom hero. I want to learn these lessons so I can apply the wisdom of what I learn. I ask You to teach me.

But please do not use painful situations to teach me. In Your mercy, teach me with grace and open my eyes and my heart to a quick understanding. Make me a fast learner in the areas I need to grow, especially in this area of persistence, Lord. Show me how what I learn will impact my life for good and improve the lives of those around me.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

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