Your Morning Discipline

With each relaxing breath, allow the Spirit of God to enter your being. Feel this presence deeply as you prepare for these few minutes with the Lord.

Matthew 6:17 “Anoint your head and wash your face.”

As we enter this prayerful season of Lent, how do we ready ourselves? We are encouraged to ritually prepare our outsides in readiness for our internal transformation. Anoint your head-bless yourself as a child of God on the journey to the Kingdom. Wash your face-ready yourself for this pilgrimage of the soul. Mark yourself with the cross of your salvation and enter into this journey with your head up and your eyes forward.

(Pray using this prayer or one of your own.)

O God of second chances, Lent is made for me. Fill me, direct me, empower me, bless me that I might walk in the way of your cross.

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