My Evening Discipline

“The word of God came unto John…in the wilderness.”—Luke 3:2

In Luke 1:80, it is recorded of John that he was “in the deserts till the day of his manifestation to Israel.”

It is very obvious that the desert or the wilderness were God’s training school for this coming Man of God. He had to learn of God in private before preaching in public.

The wilderness speaks of the place of retirement, rest, and quiet. It is only in such a place that God can teach the more intimate and secret revelations of His will. It is very interesting and important to note, the number of times the Lord Jesus sought the quiet and retirement of the wilderness during his ministry (Luke 5:16). It is the place where the Word of God becomes the real weapon for the battle against the lies of the world.

Lord, make my times with You a desert experience full of rest and revelation from You.

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