We cannot be presumptuous, ignore sin in our attitude and heart, and expect God to respond.

God hears our prayers, answers us, and blesses us. It is not because we are deserving and merit His favor but only because of His moral nature of holiness and righteousness. His attitude toward the unrighteous in verses 4-6 reveals the fact that sin is totally contrary to His nature.

  • He does not take pleasure in wickedness.
  • Evil shall not dwell with Him.
  • He hates workers of iniquity.
  • He will destroy those who speak falsehood.
  • He abhors the bloodthirsty and deceitful.

This is why Psalm 66:18 tells us, “If I regard wickedness in my heart, the Lord will not hear.” We cannot be presumptuous, ignore sin in our attitude and heart, and expect God to respond. The psalmist goes on to describe the characteristics of the wicked and those who stand against the righteous man. They are unreliable in what they say; their inward being is destruction; and their own scheming and devices will lead them to judgment. Because of their rebellious nature and the multitude of their transgressions, they will be thrust out of God’s presence. There will be no sin in heaven; all who enter God’s presence must be cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ through repentance and faith.

But we can come into His presence and take refuge in Him. We can be assured that the Lord will hear our groaning when our burdens are great. He will heed our cry for help, for He is our King and our God. How pleasing it must be to our Lord to hear our voice in the morning as we awaken, revealing our priority to seek His face; we can “eagerly watch” (v. 3) for His blessings and how He will answer our prayers through the day.

Therefore we will come into His house, into His presence, because of His “abundant lovingkindness (mercy)” (v. 7). In fear and reverence we will worship Him and know that He will lead us in righteousness. He will show us His will and smooth out the problems and conflicting distractions by “making our way straight” (v. 8). We will be glad and sing for joy because He is our refuge and shelters us from sin and harm. He blesses us because we love His name and exult in Him. His favor surrounds us and protects us like a shield. The fiery darts and temptations of the evil one and the attacks of unrighteous influences in the world cannot touch us.

Prayer: Lord, in the midst of storms and controversies that swirl around me constantly, I’m grateful that You are my refuge. You are sensitive to the groanings of my heart and hear my prayer. In You I find a haven of refuge and respite. In Your presence I find gladness and joy, because I recognize Your favor and praise You as my King and my God. Keep my heart clean from the ways of the wicked and make my way straight as I bow before You.

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