Your Discipline of Prayer

Before you begin your prayers, pause for a few moments, take three deep breaths, and be aware of the loving presence of God, who is with you during your journey of growth and discovery.

Luke 10:36-37 “Which of these three, in your opinion, was neighbor to the robbers’ victim?” He answered, “The one who treated him with mercy.”Jesus said to him, “Go and do likewise.”

Help comes from unexpected places. For the injured man in the parable of the Good Samaritan, help came from someone who was outside the community of believers. As we live as children of God, our choice to do what is right comes from a decision to do what is good, just, and merciful out of love for God. With God’s grace we can be an unexpected source of mercy for those who suffer.

(Pray to God, using this prayer or one of your own.)

My Lord and my God, I want to love you with all my heart, all my soul, and all my mind. Help me to love my neighbor as I love myself.

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