Why did testing come to Job?

Why believers undergo prolonged and difficult suffering has no one, simple explanation. But the Bible offers several reasons.

First, testing strengthens our character. James says, the testing of your faith develops perseverance (James 1:2–3). Painful situations produce character the same way regular exercise builds muscle tone.

Peter adds that testing proves our faith is genuine (1 Peter 1:7). When the heat is on, who we actually are, and what we truly believe are revealed. He also suggests that this tested faith gives honor to God. Remaining faithful despite prolonged agony testifies to others how much we value God.

Job notes that testing can get rid of unrefined qualities in our lives (23:10). Much the way a blast furnace brings out impurities in metals, testing removes sinful attitudes in us, and we come forth as gold.

The writer of Hebrews (12:6–8) says that testing proves believers are God’s children. Every wise parent disciplines a child, in love, to help the child develop. When God brings testing, it reminds us that we are his children.

Why did testing come to Job? Job never realized that God allowed it because he was pleased with him: Have you considered my servant Job? There is no one on earth like him (1:8). There may be no reason behind our testing other than that God is pleased with us. He may want to reveal himself to us and others through such testing.

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