Your Discipline of Prayer

Before you begin your prayer, pause for a few moments and relax. Take several deep breaths and be aware of the loving presence of God within you.

Luke 2:19 And Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart.

Mary had just given birth to Jesus in a stable. She had been visited by a group of shepherds who had seen a vision of angels with startling news: A Savior has been born! In the face of all that she had seen and heard and experienced in a brief span of time, she wasn’t yet ready to talk about it. She needed time to be quiet and reflect on “all these things,” to begin to try and make sense of it all, before she would be ready to speak. After all, who would believe it?

God’s ways can be so far beyond our human understanding that our first response can only be silence. In that place of inner silence, the language God speaks is love.

(Pray using this prayer or one of your own.)

Jesus, I give thanks for the character of your earthly mother. May I learn like her how to trust your plan for my life.

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