A Principled Life

Methods change but principles never do!
—Elmer Towns

While planting a church in Florida, one pastor began to focus on what many call the principle-centered life. He turned to the life of David and discovered principles that led David from lowly shepherd boy to lofty king of Israel.
According to 1 Samuel 17, there were no giant-killers in Saul’s army.

A review of verses 15–51 reveals these Top Ten Life-Impacting Principles for Overcoming Giants.
10. Be faithful and responsible in the little assignments (v. 15).
9. Be disciplined and trim off excess baggage (v. 22).
8. Be consumed with the glory of God (v. 26).

7. Be committed despite criticism (v. 28).
6. Be happy in the place where I am serving (v. 32).
5. Be ready to point to God’s history of faithfulness (vv. 34–37).
4. Be comfortable with my own gifts and personality (vv. 38–39).
3. Be confident in everyday battles (vv. 45–47).
2. Be aggressive and decisive when required (v. 48).
1. Be determined to have daily victory over the giants of my life (vv. 49–51).
So David triumphed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone.
—1 Samuel 17:50
David became a giant-killer because he practiced the principle-centered life. Make these principles part of your life today.

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