My Honor to Serve

I am blessed by this ministry of posting articles and meditations that may serve, encourage and perhaps enlighten those who read them. By God’s grace, I have the time and opportunity to read and review multiple blogs and articles which resonate with me and hopefully are of value to you in your spiritual walk with Christ.

As with any ministry, there arise additional opportunities to expand and enhance this shared ministry. I offer one such opportunity to you in this post but I don’t do so to build readership, increase funding or have influence. The participation of some good friends, a kind church and His blessings make this a free-of-cost outreach. I personally don’t think you should ever charge for what the Lord provides to you.

I also have little desire to increase my subscribers or influence. What I do is between the Lord and myself, so I don’t seek accolades or approval. That others want to share a part of the journey is reward enough. I made a promise from the beginning to keep this ministry free of any political bias but never to refrain from posting what I consider wisdom on current issues to aid others build their own worldview.

What has captured my attention in the last year is a renewal of my studies on spiritual disciplines. What I discovered was not just our need to reinvest in these spiritual habits but that we are all participating in them anyway. We may not call them by name but the Spirit of God is inserting them into our walk on a daily basis.

I want to share the framework of those spiritual disciplines to invite you to join me in reinforcing those holy habits in our lives. At the end of defining these disciplines, I will share with you a link and number where you can receive these disciplines in a brief text to your cell phone that will help you as it has me to keep my attention towards Him and not the world around me.

The Remind software I use keeps your information private and cannot be given to third parties which is deplorable. Come and go as you like.

Of course, you can jump to the end of this article to access them.

Here is the best summary of spiritual disciplines or holy habits that I have found:

Disciplines of Abstinence (Self-Denial)
These are ways of denying ourselves something we want or need; in order to make space (in our world) to focus on and connect with God.

Solitude: Refraining from interacting with other people in order to be alone with God and be found by him. Recall the habit of Jesus to retire to the mountain or lakeshore to be alone with His Father. It was an integral part of His life. (Also, note that solitude is completed by the next discipline: silence.)

Silence: Not speaking in a quiet place in order to quiet our minds and whole self and attend to God’s presence. We are told to be still and know that I am God. There are certain understandings of Him that can only be found in that quiet reflection.
Also, it involves not speaking so that we can listen to others and bless them. Study the Lord and you will see that He always listened first before He acted. He came to serve, not to be served.

Fasting: Going without a regular part of our life as with food (or something else like media) for a period of time so that we can focus on our conversations with God and others — the fast may be complete or partial. By denying ourselves of the common, we can focus more on the uncommon.

Simplicity: Stepping back from the excesses of the world and intentionally living a simpler lifestyle content with less and conserving more. This habit eventually shapes the inner person to become more concerned with the internal than the external. It is liberating.

Sabbath: Doing no work so we may rest in God’s person and provision; praying and playing with God and others. (God designed this for one day a week but we can practice it for shorter periods too.) Every player knows the body needs time to heal and the spirit is no different.

Secrecy: (Humility) Not making our good deeds or qualities known to let God or others receive attention and to find our sufficiency in God alone (e.g., see Matthew 6). This builds humility and represses pride. The best players don’t have to brag and instinctively make the other players look better.

Submission: Not asserting ourselves in order to come under the authority, wisdom, and power of Jesus Christ as our Lord, King, and Master. He is our coach and we trust Him explicitly. We do not consider submission as a weakness and so find being a team player a natural thing to do.

Then there are another set of habits or disciplines:
Disciplines of Engagement (Experiencing Christ in Community)
These are ways of connecting with God and other people, conversing honestly with them in order to love and be loved.

Bible Reading: Trusting the Holy Spirit-inspired words of Scripture as our guide, wisdom, and strength for life. (Related disciplines include Bible study, Scripture meditation, and praying God’s Word).

Worship: Praising God’s greatness, goodness, and beauty in words, music, ritual, or silence. (We can worship God privately or in community.)

Prayer: Conversing with God about what we’re experiencing and doing together. (As we see in the Lord’s Prayer, the main thing we do in prayer is to make requests or intercessions to our Father for one another.)

Confession: Conversing with God and with others the spiritual state of our walk with Jesus. This allows us to be honest before God and accountable before other people.

Friendship: Engaging fellow disciples of Jesus in prayerful conversation or spiritual exercises. (Related spiritual disciplines or practices include small groups, spiritual direction, and mentoring relationships.)

Personal Reflection:(Introspection) Paying attention to our inner self in order to grow in love for God, others, and self. (The Psalms in the Bible model this.)

Service: Humbly serving God by overflowing with his love and compassion to others, especially those in need. (Can include giving.)

I post 3 spiritual disciplines by text in the morning, at midday and in the evening. One examples is as follows:

Take a minute or two to stop what you are doing, take a few deep breaths and be still. Listen to world around you. (Silence)

Joins us in this daily discipline by texting @adfb94k to the number 81010. You can also use the following link:

As always, share and repost as you like and even tell a few friends if you like.

May you discover all that God desires for you and most of all, the comfort of His Presence.

Pastor Hogg

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