I’ve Come to Walk with You

Though I walk through the valley… thou art with me (Psalm 23:4 KJV).

Alexander Maclaren, a great preacher of another generation, tells the story of his conquest of fear. As a young boy he took a job in Glasgow, some miles away from his own village. He stayed in the city during the week and returned home on Saturday evenings. There was a ravine on the way to his home that superstition supposed was filled with evil spirits. All during the first week at work, the lad feared most that his long walk home would have to include passing through this ravine. The anticipation blighted every waking moment of that week.

Saturday night came and there was nothing to do but muster up his courage and start home. His heart pounded as he reached the ravine. He paused in panic. His feet were like lead. Then suddenly he heard a voice calling out of the night, “Alex, it’s your dad. I came to walk through the ravine with ye.”

All through his later life as one of Scotland’s greatest preachers, Maclaren never forgot the courage and strength he felt that night when his father graciously walked through the frightful glen with him.

David felt the same way about God. The valley of the shadow had been extricated of fear because the Shepherd would walk through it with him. David knew about the comfort the Shepherd could be to the sheep. The Lord was his Shepherd all through his life. Evil and evil people were a threat all through his life from the time he was a shepherd boy to when he became Israel’s greatest king.

What are the glens of fearful worry for you? What is the valley of the threat of death or deadly anxiety? The Lord does not ridicule our fears. He understands. Like Maclaren’s dad, He comes out to walk us home. He knows what’s in the glen or valley and wants us to know that if we place our hand in His, we can make it through.

The Lord does not ridicule our fears; He comes to walk through them with us.

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