“Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy” (Matthew 5:7).

This is the fifth Beatitude. When Matthew gets to this point in the Beatitudes, the concern changes, the stress shifts, and the tone turns. In the first four Beatitudes, the emphasis was on our attitude. The fifth through the seventh Beatitudes emphasize our action. This beatitude could be called the out flowing Beatitude, for mercy must be shown. You cannot be merciful without someone knowing its effects. Mercy is an outward expression, a manifestation of an inner attitude.

It is, sometimes, difficult to separate “Mercy” and “Grace.” “Grace” is receiving what we do not deserve. “Mercy” is not receiving what we do deserve. “Grace” is God blessing those who cannot earn it. “Mercy” is God withholding from us what we have earned. Better put, “Grace” deals with the committing of sin itself. “Mercy” has to do with the consequences of sin “Grace” deals with the cause. “Mercy” deals with the symptoms. “Grace” offers pardon for the crime. “Mercy” offers relief from punishment. “Grace” cures the disease. “Mercy” eliminates the pain

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