God Tells Jokes

God tells jokes—well, puns. In Jeremiah 1:11–19, God got the nervous prophet-to-be’s attention with a lesson that included a subtle little witticism we don’t notice in the English translation.

The words for “almond” and “watch” are very similar. When Jeremiah saw an almond tree, a pot, and a pillar, he discovered three vital truths.

The almond tree was very familiar to Jeremiah—he lived in an area where almonds were the main harvest, even today. The almond was the first tree to blossom, a sign that spring was finally here. Jeremiah learned that God is always watching over His promised word and world, that He never sleeps, and that, even during the winter seasons when it seems God is not doing much, the blossom time will come.

God was going to bring judgment on His people, symbolized by the pot.

To proclaim this news of judgment would not make Jeremiah popular—he would be hated—but God would strengthen him. Jeremiah would be like a bronze wall or pillar. If that seems like an exaggeration, we’ll see that Jeremiah stood when even the walls of Jerusalem collapsed. Whatever we know or don’t know about the season we’re in, God is with us, and He is awake.

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