The Promise Maker

All the way through Scripture, from the earliest beginnings of humanity to the beautiful future that the book of Revelation offers, God is revealed as the One who makes promises.

In the New Testament, there are around forty references to promises, and with one exception, they are all about God making promises to us. Perhaps our familiarity with the Bible means that their impact is lost on us, but we need to know that this revelation of God is in stark contrast with ancient Greek literature—which contains plenty of examples of humans making promises to each other, but only one instance where a god makes a promise to humans.

This is worth noting because Christianity is demanding (it costs us everything) and we can start to think that God is good at insisting and commanding, and not so great at giving. And some of us live as if that was the way it is, endlessly harassed by the tyranny of the “oughts” and “shoulds” of the Christian life. But look again: God is revealed in Scripture as the initiating, generous, dependable promise-giver, eager to hear our requests.

Scripture points to God’s faithfulness as a reason for each of us to sustain a faithful walk and witness. We want to stay true to Him to the end, not just because it’s the best way to live or because we’re scared of the consequences if we don’t, but because we have placed our lives in the hands of the faithful One who gives infinitely more than He demands, and He always will, forever.

Pray: Thank You, Lord, that You are the God of promise, generosity, and blessing. Amen.

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