Are We Sniffing Donkeys?

Jeremiah 2

Today I spent some time reflecting on some of the decisions I made in my early years as a Christian. I was passionate, not always terribly wise, but absolutely desperate to serve God and be obedient to Him.

There was one junction moment when my wife, Kay, and I readily made a choice that brought about total upheaval in our lives. It was difficult, inconvenient, and costly. But the bottom line then was simply: Is this what God is asking of us? And what about me today? Would I still be so available, or have I settled down into a comfortable Christianity? And in my comfort, have I accommodated sin and become self-deceived?

Jeremiah prophesied in shocking language, as God recalled the “honeymoon” days of His early dealings with His people. But by this time, the nation had wandered—and how. Idols had replaced the Lord. The priests were cool professionals, indifferent to the need to seek God. Israel had prostituted herself, perhaps literally, with corrupt religion that involved sex as part of the worship. She was dashing here and there in a desperate search for yet more depravity. Not only had the people forgotten God, but they seemed completely oblivious to their condition.

And the picture of the sniffing donkey is especially repugnant; female donkeys in heat are attracted to the smell of the male donkey’s urine and become frantic with desire as a result.

All very challenging, sobering stuff, nudging me to ask: Does God look back at the early days of my devotion to Him and wonder what has happened?

Pray: Lord, where I have drifted, forgive me. Where I have made space for the enemy’s strongholds, show me. Amen.

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