Relationships Make the Promises

Leviticus 26:12

Promises flow out of relationship. Shared love prompts the bride and groom to get dressed up, gather their family and friends together, and make lifelong vows to each other. Far more than a romantic part of a ceremony, those vows are solemn pledges made before witnesses. Legal demands are carefully laid out in documents, and signatures confirm binding business relationships. A promise is an agreement to honor, to pay, to supply. But when it comes to God, we’re not talking impersonal contracts.

We should always approach the promises of God in Scripture with relationship firmly in mind. God’s promises were often made to one person, and we should not wrench them out of context and try to make them apply to us. Other promises carry a very clear set of conditions, and we can’t expect one side of the promise to be kept if the conditions are not fulfilled. Yet other scriptural statements are general, rather than specific. Proverbs contains many of these, directives for the “good” life, but they are not cast-iron promises that if I do one thing, then a certain outcome will always result. They are rather principles of wisdom.

Whatever the specifics, relationship comes first. Eden provides a stunning portrait of the Lord who was with His people. Let’s never separate the promises of God from relationship with God, lest we reduce them to a set of mere principles for life or even magic formulas. God is our Lord and friend, not a genie on call with instant solutions. Let’s walk in relationship with the God of promise today.

Pray: Lord, help me to walk with You for You, and not just serve You for what You might bless me with. Amen.

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