Live Longer

Praise the LORD! Praise the LORD, O my soul! (Psalm 146:1 NKJV).

A friend of mine celebrated his retirement by having new calling cards printed. On the card is his name and this declaration of new freedom: “No phone, no address, no business, no worries, no appointments, no prospects, no job.”

The man gave me the card at a time of intense busyness in my own life. “Wouldn’t that be wonderful!” I thought to myself. Then I reflected on what life would be like without all the challenges and opportunities. How would I handle life without a full schedule and more to do in any day than is humanly possible? But that led me to a time of deep gratitude for strength beyond my own to meet the demands. Actually, the man whose card gave me a good laugh and a pause to reflect is as busy in retirement as he was in his profession. He spends his days in creative work with people and benevolent organizations.

Most of us complain about busy schedules, but it is good to live a full life. The important thing to consider is what we are accomplishing in all the activities. Justus Schifferes in How to Live Longer said, “Live longer so you can love longer, and conversely, the longer you love the longer you live.” Can a Christian ever put “no prospects” on his calling card? We always have prospects for love and understanding and the chance to share our faith.

John Wesley, just before he died, wrote a hymn based on Psalm 146: “I’ll praise my Maker while I have breath. And when my voice is lost in death, praise shall employ my nobler powers.” The abundant life in Christ is life all the way up! At the conclusion of his embattled life, John Knox said something which was not representative of his courageous life as a reformer: “The world is tired of me and I of it.” That need not be true. We are never finished!

There’s nothing wrong with being busy if we are doing God’s work in His way and by His power.

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