The Goodness of the Lord

David said, “I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living” (Psalms 27:13).

When you believe, you live a life of expectancy. Whatever God makes is good. Whatever God does is good. Whatever God gives is good. So, I expect the goodness of God. “The goodness of the Lord” is prayers answered, bodies healed, doors opened, ways made, blessings overflowing, victories won, habits broken, unexpected finances, businesses started, families reuniting, marriages restored, souls saved, burdens lifted, yokes destroyed, strongholds destroyed, joy restored, and mercies unseen.

The story is told of a woman about to backslide. She was about to give up on God. She had lost everything. She said before she backslid, she wanted to thank God for all the things He had done for her. She began to thank God for keeping her son through a close call with death. She thanked God for putting food on her table. She thanked God for making ways for her. She continued to thank God and in her thanking she concluded that God had been too good to her to turn her back on God. Instead of backsliding, she rededicated her life to the Lord. It was “the goodness of the Lord” that kept her.

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