I Long to Dwell in Your Tent

For You have been a refuge for me, a strong tower in the face of the enemy. I will live in Your tent forever, take refuge under the shelter of Your wings. God, You have heard my vows; You have given a heritage to those who fear Your name (vv. 3-5).

There are times when even strong men feel weak and undone. Some time ago, a series of losses changed my life radically and decimated my emotional energy.

David candidly admits his weakness—both physically and emotionally. Now he simply wishes to retreat for a time into the sanctuary of the tent of the Lord. He is likely referring to the tabernacle, that magnificent portable temple of God, built of acacia wood overlaid with gold and hung with blue, purple, and scarlet curtains of finest linen. It was here that God’s shekinah glory dwelt in the holy of holies, his presence abiding with David’s forebearers during their sojourn in the wilderness. Now, so far from home, David longs for such a physical manifestation of his Lord.

David has made his vows before God, just as I dedicated my life to his service on Word of Life Island when I was a kid. I share David’s spiritual inheritance—unlimited and inalienable. In reality, then, I already possess the power of God’s attributes, if I lay claim to them, confessing my own unworthiness and weakness.

In these times of retreat, when I’m at the end of myself, I find him in a fresh experience of worship. These episodes had the positive effect of causing me to reevaluate my life critically and forcing me to face “false gods” squarely. It was the beginning of a turning point in my ministry!

Personal Prayer

O God, may I dwell in your place of safety forever. There may I experience the profound fulfillment of my deepest longings.

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