He Doesn’t Save Parking Spaces

Jeremiah 4:5–31

One of the challenges I face daily is maintaining a sense of the greatness of God. The leaders of the so-called superpowers threaten and jostle each other, a vast armory at their fingertips. Greedy bankers manipulate the lending rates, multinational corporations exploit and oppress the poor, and unscrupulous politicians smear the reputations of honest ones.

God can seem not only distant, but small. Sometimes we Christians paint Him as the Lord whose primary purpose is to save parking spaces for His people.

But Jeremiah drew an awesome portrait of the powerful God. The three pillars of power in Judah (the king, the priests, and the prophets) would be toppled because judgment was coming. The power brokers will be scattered like hollow skittles or bowling pins.

In language deliberately reminiscent of Genesis, God is portrayed as the one who “un-creates” the world. The steps of creation, chaos replaced by order, darkness banished by light, and fullness filling emptiness are reversed in Jeremiah’s apocalyptic vision. This is certainly a terrifying description of judgment. But it’s also a vital reminder about where power ultimately lies.

Reading these fearful words today, I initially thought there was nothing to be encouraged about! But I was wrong. My God, as I see Him, is frequently too small. Reading Jeremiah today has strengthened my resolve to keep praying about an extremely tough situation in the life of someone I love dearly. Yes, “Here comes the judge.” But this judge is big, powerful, mighty, and strong to save.

Pray: God, power belongs to You. May the pressures of life never reduce my vision of You, great Creator God. Amen.

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