Praise Opens the Heart

As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God (Psalm 42:1 NKJV).

The psalmist gives us an example of the difference between praying our prayers and truly praying. He really wanted a relationship with God more than anything else in the world. Many people pray without earnestly wanting intimacy with God. Note Psalm 42:2. Do you want God that much? Also consider the honesty of the psalmist. He talked to God about what he was feeling—really! That kind of honesty in prayer made way for God to heal the real needs and not just the surface whims. Let’s use this psalm as a model to talk to God and let Him talk to us.

Again, the psalmist leads us into deeper levels of prayer. It was the experience of the steadfast love of God that drew him back into close union with the Father. What God has done heightens our expectation on what He will do. Praise opens the heart. The more we praise God, the more ready we are to accept the next steps of His strategy for us. Let’s make today a day in which we bless God all through the day for His goodness to us in all the problems and perplexities of life.

We need not be anxious when we can turn everything over to the Lord of the universe. Our prayers are to be an honest statement of our need and then thanksgiving for the fact that the Lord has heard us and will act for our ultimate good. Peace beyond our understanding will flood our hearts. Christ will guard our hearts from anything which could distress us. Prayer is a time to meditate on creative, positive thoughts about Christ and what He is able to do with our problems.

Prayer is meditating in a way that our minds and hearts become focused around the positive power of the Lord and not just our perplexities. Then peace replaces problematical living.

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