A Little Too Much Relish on That

Jeremiah 4:18–19
Lamentations 1:1–16

The best word I can find for it is relish. I’ve met a few religious people who seem to relish the opportunity to speak thunderous words of judgment, which is strange. Others conclude that natural disasters or times of national tragedy are God’s judgment, and are pleased to think so.

But surely we should have an attitude that reflects God’s—and we know He is not happy to judge. We should reflect His broken heart. As we bring our communities to God in consistent prayer, then perhaps we will begin to grasp some of His feelings about those we’re praying for.

As Jeremiah wrestled with the message of doom to come for Judah, he was sickened by his own words; the Hebrew means “sick to the stomach.” He found no joy in what was going to befall the nation, on the contrary. And surely he was nauseated not just because of the terrible things that he saw but also because he had such a deep love for his people.

Sharing the gospel should never happen just because we want larger churches with more people filling the pews, but because we deeply care about those we are trying to reach. Anything less is just sanctified salesmanship. If we speak of judgment, let’s make sure that we really know what we’re talking about.

Unless we are moved to tears and our stomachs are churning, as Jeremiah’s was, then perhaps we’d better keep quiet, lest the tone of our voices cancels out the power of our message. Jesus wept for Jerusalem. What might happen if we learned to weep over our cities?

Pray: God, may I not only know Your word that is true but also know something of Your heart that is breaking. Amen.

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